Episode 13

Published on:

28th Jun, 2017

Episode 12

Published on:

21st Jun, 2017

Episode 11

Published on:

6th Jun, 2017

Episode 10

Published on:

23rd May, 2017

Episode 9

Published on:

5th May, 2017

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Geek Garage Podcast
A nerdy podcast, for nerds, by nerds, about nerdy stuff.
Welcome to the internet’s most inclusive nerd culture podcast! Every week, hosts David and Lindsay push the boundaries of what’s considered geeky by covering a diverse array of topics. So if you’re a fan of comic books, technology, movies, video games, or cosplay (or all of the above!), whether you’re a nerdy novice or pro, you have come to the right podcast!
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David Dassau

I am a software developer by day, and a father/husband/crafter/podcaster by all other hours.